LIT Service Support has over 25 years of successful experience in installation supervision, commissioning, and troubleshooting of our systems around the globe. We focus on continuous professional development of our service engineers.
LIT Service Support provides after-sales service for the complete range of our products. Our specialists respond to customer's requests and offer ongoing support by phone and online.
Wherever LIT operates, we develop a strong network of Service Providers. All engineers of LIT-Authorized Service Providers have completed training and certification at LIT UV Elektro, Germany.
We are always available to our Service Providers who can contact us directly to speed up troubleshooting process in UV systems.
Our customers can always refer to LIT's detailed Instructions & Manuals that contain all the necessary information for UV system maintenance and the scheduled replacement of its major components.
The key benefit of cooperation with LIT Service Support and with Authorized Service Providers is the shortest possible delivery time for genuine spare parts. The use of genuine spare parts will assure long lasting and trouble-free operation of LIT UV systems.
LIT offers an extended warranty for those who purchase medium- and large-scale UV systems with long-term service contract. Accurate and timely maintenance will protect UV systems from unexpected failure.