MLP and MLV Groups

For wastewater disinfection LIT offers two types of open-channel systems equipped with powerful amalgam lamps (300-900 W):
  • MLP Group uses longitudinal UV modules;
  • MLV Group is cross-flow vertical UV modular concept.
These two types of UV equipment allow for operating WWTP - to fit UV equipment in any existing channel system, for projected WWTP - assuring a compact footprint and construction costs.

MLP and MLV Groups have two series of UV equipment for water of different quality: G (τ ≥ 50%), F (τ ≤ 50%). All MLP and MLV Group systems are equipped with mechanical wiping systems.

To assure proper system design and to optimize energy costs for the disinfection application, LIT provides design recommendations and equipment selection on customers request in accordance with the project design input parameters.

MLP Group

Number of lamps in UV modules ranges from 4 to 18.

MLV Group

Vertical UV modules (from 24 to 36 lamps in each module) enable LIT to produce ultra large-scale disinfection systems of 1 million m³/day and higher capacity at existing municipal WWTPs in large cities.

  Russia, 3,125,000 m³/day

  South Korea, 120,000 m³/day

  Hungary, 24,000 m³/day

  France, 8,400 m³/day