Every water utility has to be sure about the quality of the supplied water. The confirmation of the efficiency of a UV-system is done through bioassay. In many countries only UV equipment which successfully passed mandatory validation through bioassay can be implemented in drinking water supply. The main world standards are: German DVGW, Austrian ÖNORM/ÖVGW and US EPA. Often, the country's legislation requires the national certification of the UV equipment, which, however, must be obtained through the DVGW, ÖNORM / ÖVGW or US EPA certificate.

There is equipment in the LIT product line that has been certified to DVGW, ÖNORM / ÖVGW, US EPA, and to other national standards (for example, French ACS).

Certified Capacity (40 mJ/cm²), m³/h Technical Specifications

Equipment Advantages

  • High certified disinfection efficiency (99,9–99,99%)
  • No danger for overdosing and no formation of by-products allow for easy operation, service and maintenance
  • High quality components; environmentally safe, corrosion-proof and long-life materials (all grades of stainless steel including duplex, and polymeric materials PTFE)
  • Low power consumption due to high efficient low pressure UV lamps and optional dose pacing system
  • Easy to operate and service due to continuous monitoring of UV intensity and chemical cleaning of UV lamps
  • Optimized hydrodynamic system design assures efficient water flow through the UV reactor and minimizes head losses
  • Compact design facilitates easy installation
  • User-friendly interface with remote control and monitoring
  • Electronic ballasts have a power factor corrector which improves noise reduction and operational stability of other electronic devices
  • Electrical equipment is certified according to TÜV standard