DUV Group

DUV Group includes 5 series – А, Е, В, К, N – of closed vessel systems with various capacities and specific ranges of UV transmittance (τ).

DUV Group E, B, Κ, N series systems are available in three reactor configurations Z, U, L for vertical and horizontal positioning of the UV systems with operating pressure up to 10 bar (up to 20 bar available on request).




Equipment of DUV/A Series is produced only in L-orientation with operating pressure up to 10 bar (up to 20 bar available on request).

DUV Group systems can be equipped with automatic mechanical cleaning and/or chemical cleaning systems on client’s requirements.

Standard equipment with low and medium capacities, with longitudinal flow in DUV Group UV systems (1-500 m³/h) are developed and produced for two ranges of UV transmittances: A Series (τ ≥ 85%) and N Series (90% ≥ τ ≥ 50%). Both series use traditional (mercury) low-pressure lamps (15–75 W) and short amalgam lamps (95–700 W). Thanks to their compact size, the units require a small service area and therefore find their application in small rooms.

In order to assure proper design and optimize energy costs for disinfection, recommendations for UV equipment selection with capacity more than 200 m³/h are given on client’s request, with the exception of the DUV/N series.

LIT DUV Series providers a unique wide product line of longitudinal UV systems with medium to large capacities (up to 3,500 m³/h) utilizing powerful amalgam lamps of 300-900 W. This equipment has been developed for four different UV transmittance ranges in order to provide maximum energy efficiency and reliable UV disinfection with significant flow rates for specific water qualities.

DUV/K Series – UV units for water with low UV transmittance of 30% ≤ τ ≤ 65%

DUV/B Series – UV units for water with medium UV transmittance of 60% ≤ τ ≤ 80%

DUV/E Series – UV units for water with high UV transmittance of 75% ≤ τ ≤ 95%

DUV/A Series – UV units for water with ultra high UV transmittance of τ ≥ 85%

DUV/N Series – standard UV units for low and medium capacity with UV transmittance
                            of 50% ≤ τ ≤ 90%

  Russia, 83,000 m³/day

  Hungary, 48,000 m³/day

  Australia, 6,100 m³/day