UV lamps

The basis of any UV system for water, air and surface disinfection is a UV source (lamp). UV lamp parameters – power consumption, efficiency, dimensions, lamp life, price – determine technical and economic properties and abilities of the specific UV unit.

Due to the efficient UV energy conversion, LIT focuses on the new generation of low pressure amalgam UV lamps as the most reliable UV source for UV disinfection systems available today (other lamp types may be applied for specific projects). LIT uses a wide range of lamps produced in house and by world’s leading manufactures (Philips Lighting, LSI/Lighttech) with power consumption from 15 W to 1 kW, efficiency ~ 40% and lamp life up to 16 000 hr. This expertise in UV lamp technology allows LIT to produce energy efficient UV systems of any capacity and provide customers with reliable, high-quality UV sources in any application worldwide.