Drinking water (ground)

Name of the project
City, location*
Hydraulic parameters
Min Average Max
1. Flowrate, m3/h*
2. Operating pressure, bar
3. Allowed headloss across UV, bar
4. Required UV dose (if any)
Physical-Chemical parameters
5. UV transmission of 1 cm, %*
6. Turbidity, NTU
7. Chromaticity, (Pt-Co scale), degrees
8. Total Fe, mg/l
9. Oxidazability by permanganat, mg/l
10. Hardness, (Ca-Mg), mmole/l
Microbiological parameters
Maximum before UV system Required disinfection level (after UV)
11. Total coliform, per 100 ml*
12. Fecal coliform, per 100 ml*
Other microbiological parameters (HPC, viruses, etc.)
Pump system
15. Pump model
16. Quantity of constantly operating pumps
17. Working pumps quantity
18. Quantity of stand-by pumps to be switched “on” in case of water demand increase
19. Pump capacity, m3/h
20. Pressure at pump outlet, bar
Assumed place of UV system application in process chart of water supply:
Method of water treatment (de-ironing, water softening, etc.):
Existing type of water disinfection (if any):
Seasonal variations of water quality, peculiarities:
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