29 May, 2013

IUVA conference

IUVA is planning a conference in collaboration with the German Water Technology Center (TZW) at the Convention Center in Karlsruhe, Germany, June 4-5, 2013. The conference will focus on the use of UV technology worldwide to disinfect water, to reuse wastewater and other applications. Scientists, engineers and industry leaders will make presentations at the conference.

Speakers will include Margret Mergen, mayor of the City of Karlsruhe, a representative from Stadtwerke Karlsruhe, which supplies water to the City of Karlsruhe, and Prof. Dr. Thomas Oppenländer from Furtwangen University, who will talk about trends and applications for UV lamps.

LIT specialists will participate in the conference as well as in the Manufacturer’s Council on the day before the conference opening. 


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