5 September, 2012

Budapest Southern WWTPs, Hungary

Straddling the romantic Danube River, with the Buda Hills to the west and the start of the Great Plain to the east, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

In August 2012, Budapest Southern WWTPs put into operation a LIT UV-system with a capacity of 108,000 m³/day and maximum influent flow rate 4,500 m³/hr. At this moment this is the largest UV installation for wastewater disinfection in Hungary. The UV-system is compactly designed thanks to open-channel modules 88MLV-36А600-М and is easily integrated into existing WWTP.

The first results of sanitary monitoring shows it follows with high efficiency the Hungarian standard on Total Coliforms (maximum 10 CFU per ml) over a wide range of physical and chemical quality of water.

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