12 February, 2018

Berlin: UV disinfection system from LIT goes into operation

The previously used disinfection process using chlorine gas is now being replaced by safe and environmentally friendly UV disindection in the intermediate pumping station Lindenberg. Lindenberg is distributing the drinking water treated in the Friedrichshagen waterworks to the northeastern part of Berlin. The UV system developed and installed by LIT disinfects a maximum amount of 40.8 million liters of drinking water per day. By integrating the UV system into SCADA entering commands and monitoring of important system parameters can be done remotely. The integrated dose pacing system in combination with the latest UV lamp technology increases the efficiency of the UV system and saves operating costs significantly.         
Customized automatization solutions ensure minimal downtimes while maintenance and increases process reliability. We are proud to have received Berlin's confidence with our product and DVGW validated disinfection performance and looking forward to further cooperation.

lit uv system germany berlin 2018

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