29 September, 2016

LIT Innovative Methods for Disinfection of Drinking Water in Vienna

Continuous, and safe water supply is the main task of the Vienna Waterworks. For this purpose a new WTP was introduced in the northen part of Donauinsel Island in Vienna. The Donauinsel Nord WTP consists of two lines with a total capacity of 500 liter per second. The daily capacity is 43,200 m³/day, which is 11% of total water demand of the Viennese.
UV disinfection in combination with chlorine dioxide has been selected as the disinfection technology. 
LIT was proud to offer a UV system design on the request of Vienna Waterworks. The system consists of two 21-lamp UV units, one for each line. The equipment is certified according to the Austrian standart - ÖNORM. Additionally the equipment underwent the acceptance tests before introduction at the Donauinsel Nord WTP.         
The Donauinsel Nord WTP was integrated into the existing system for city water supply in March, 2015. The drinking water is constantly supplied even when the water consumption level is high and when the main water supply sources are unable to provide the sufficient amount of drinking water. The innovative disinfection technologies ensure that the drinking water is safe for human consumption.

Donauinsel Nord WTP

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