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Founded in 1991, LIT is one of top three leading developers and manufacturers of UV systems for water, air and surface disinfection in the world.

The company employs more than 360 people.

LIT has production centers in Erfurt, Germany and Moscow, Russia. Local Sales and Service support is assured with subsidiary offices in the Netherlands, China, Hungary, Turkey and Poland. Next to this the LIT products and services are provided in various markets through a vast distributor network.

The company has a strong focus on research in the field of UV applications for various industries. The Research & Development Department is scientifically empowered by 2 professors and 10 Doctors of Science, strongly focused in the innovative application of UV for various industries.

 Scientific & Production Centre,
 Erfurt, Germany
Scientific & Production Centre,
Moscow, Russia


1991 LIT founded by a group of scientists. 
1995 LIT’s new generation amalgam UV lamp Production launched
1996–1998 Commissioning of Europe’s largest UV disinfection plant for potable water disinfection (400,000 m³/day) and wastewater treatment plants (300,000 m³/day) in Tolyatti, Russia
2003 Launch of the project of UV systems for air and surface disinfection in social facilities (schools and hospitals) and subway. 
2004–2008 The world’s largest UV complex for water disinfection (9 UV plants with capacity from 0.3 up to 1.5 million m³/day each in St. Petersburg’s water treatment plants). 
2005 The South Korean largest UV station for wastewater disinfection (Gumi – 330,000 m³/day). 
2007 The world’s largest UV station for wastewater disinfection – 1.3 million m³/day (Moscow, Lyuberetskaya WWTP).
2008 The EU’s largest UV complex for water disinfection (Budapest, 600,000 m³/day) 
2004–2012 Setting up subsidiaries and representative offices in the Netherlands, Hungary, China and production centre in Germany. 
2012–2013 Commissioning of world’s largest UV plant for wastewater disinfection – 3.125 million m³/day (Moscow, Kuryanovskaya WWTP). 
2014 High-output amalgam 185 nm lamps production launched.
2015–2016 Introduction of industrial UV treatment systems for air and gas emissions.
2017 Commissioning of a large UV station for wastewater disinfection in China (Beijing, 780,000 m³/day).